Technology and the Classroom

When technology was not yet advanced and developed, teachers used the traditional way of teaching with the use of books, blackboards, chalk, written presentations, whiteboards, and markers. There is no doubt that students also learned a lot through that way of teaching. However, students had less motivation and felt bored more often while listening to the discussions. Since there were no educational videos used before, the knowledge of the students were limited with the use of books. It was not easy to understand the lessons.

But these days, students are having much fun during discussions because of the educational videos related to the topics especially in science. Students are more excited to learn about the solar system as they do not simply read the descriptions about the planets and the stars. Students of yesterday focus more on accomplishing their homework, activities given by the teacher, and on playing games during break time and after classes. When given the assignments, students need to find the possible answers through books in the library.

That was the undeniable situation before technology was adopted by the classrooms. Nowadays, with the use of computers and an access to the internet, both the teacher and the students can communicate very well having an interactive discussions. Even if students were not able to write down their homework, they can still do it by checking on their emails and through other possible ways using technology. These are just a few of the advantages of technology in a classroom setting.