The Use of Technology in Daily Life

Did you know that there is a great impact of technology in man’s daily life? The use of smartphones, tablets, and computers are greatly affecting the lives of many. Together with the access of internet, many are surely enjoying the benefits or advantages of technology. But, it is also good to know the disadvantages which are many. Everyday, when you wake up in the morning, walk on the streets, ride a public transportation, or just staying at home, you have your smartphone with you, isn’t it?

Some of you are probably busy communicating with your friends and family, even to strangers through Facebook and Twitter. This is an undeniable fact. There are billions of Facebook users. At school, students make use of their smartphones or laptops to catch up with the discussions and do their homework, research, or projects. At home, workplace, school, and everywhere, you can see how people are greatly amazed by the different technological tools aside from smartphones, tablets, and computers and by using this software autocad. The stereo in a car is also included.

The use of television, DVR, electric toothbrush, electric appliances, and all other technological tools. Wherever you are, technology is being used everyday. When you wake up in the morning, when you brush your teeth, or when you eat breakfast, do you not look at your phone? Many will not deny this fact but instead admit it. Both men and women, children, youth and adults are all experiencing the great impact of technology in their daily lives. Technology brings both good and bad effects.